What is Tinderstatus?

Tinderstatus is a small Firefox/SeaMonkey extension that displays the current status of the SeaMonkey, Firefox, Thunderbird, XULRunner, and Camino tinderboxen and whether the tree is open or closed in an icon on the browser's status bar, enabling you to keep close watch on the tree if you have recently checked in code, are sheriffing for the day, or are just interested in keeping tabs on how the code is doing.

How do I get it?

Get it from

Versions and Change Log

How do I use it?

Once Tinderstatus is installed and your browser is restarted, Tinderstatus will appear automatically as an icon in the right-hand side of the status bar.

When all tinderboxen are building fine, the icon's background is green; when one or more of them fail to build, the icon's background turns red until they all successfully build again; if all builds succeed, but one or more fail tests, the icon's background turns orange until the builds all pass tests again. If Tinderstatus can't get the status of the tinderboxen for any reason, the icon's background turns black until it gets status again.

Tinderstatus also shows you whether the tree is open or closed. If the tree is open, the icon displays an open door; if closed, a closed door.

Tinderstatus checks tinderbox for the status of the builds and tree once a minute. Click on the icon to go to the SeaMonkey tinderbox page.

How do I uninstall it?

In Firefox, use the extension manager (Tools -> Extensions).

In SeaMonkey, unfortunately it isn't easy to uninstall Tinderbox because that app does not have built-in uninstall functionality. But you can uninstall Tinderbox by deleting the tinderstatus/ directory located in the chrome/ subdirectory of your profile directory, then removing all references to tinderstatus in the chrome.rdf file in that same chrome/ subdirectory.

Make a backup of both the tinderstatus/ directory and the chrome.rdf file before doing this, since mistakes in how you do it could cause your browser to hang on startup. Sorry it isn't easier. :-(

How can I help?

There are lots of ways you can help! First, if you find a problem with Tinderstatus or a missing feature, file a bug/feature report about it (look at existing reports and install the latest version first to make sure the issue hasn't already been reported and/or resolved).

Second, if there is something you want fixed in Tinderstatus, and I'm not doing it, and you have Mercurial or can get it, and you know JavaScript and XUL or are willing to learn, fix the issue yourself! It's easy, since the Tinderstatus source code is quite simple. Just file a report about what you plan to do or post a comment in an existing report (if any), download the code via Mercurial (f.e. by executing the command hg clone, and get hacking!

How do I contact you?

If you have questions about Tinderstatus, email me or get in touch via IRC.

The tinderstatus project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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